Genesis Theme Review

Posted Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 in Reviews
Genesis Theme Review

Let’s be honest, when it comes to WordPress frameworks, there are only two options – Thesis and Genesis. I have used, and liked both, but let’s focus on Genesis.

Out of the box, Genesis boasts some build-in options, solid SEO, rock-solid security, and an easy update feature. Based on this introduction, you’ve probably already guessed that this will be a good review of Genesis. Please let me elaborate.

Theme Options

Genesis comes standard with a small but powerful set of options. Most important for designers are the layout options. Genesis allows you to choose from 6 layout options out of the box.

Genesis Layout Options

As you can see, changing layouts is not a big issue. This will allow you to more quickly develop from one of your designs. Genesis gives you options for primary and secondary navigation menus. Also, there is an area to easily add header and footer scripts. Genesis also come with built in SEO support.


What I like most about Genesis over Thesis, is that, when you buy the PRO package, you get access to all Genesis child themes. This includes already published themes and themes that are published in the future.

Whether you design websites professionally, or you just like a flavor change every now and then, this gives you great flexibility.

Genesis adheres to the WordPress recommend practice of child themes. This means that you will make any edits to Genesis by creating a separate theme. But, don’t worry. This can be as easy as just a Stylesheet. Nothing too crazy.


Lastly, let’s cover support. Genesis is owned by Copyblogger Media. This means that you are buying a solid product that will continue to receive updates as well as support into the future. The Genesis support forum is staffed by 20 moderators from around the world. This means that whenever you have a question, you will get a timely response.

Chances are, that with 78,000+ members using Genesis, your question may already be answered.

In Closing

Genesis is a rock-solid theme framework. It is robust, secure, and is 100% GPL so you can use it on unlimited projects. With those specs, it’s a hard theme to pass up.

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