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Item Description: Our business model is founded on this principle. People are lazy! Yes we believe the rest of the world is as lazy as we are. OK, we’re not really lazy, just the opposite. We just have too much going on to stop and read website text. Given the choice who wouldn’t choose watching a great video over reading a page of text. That is what inspired us to create animated web videos for mobile apps, and other online businesses. Mobile apps, new social media sites, innovative online services, they all need some explanation. The first thing people want to know is How It Works, and video is the best way to do that. Just seeing screen shots of the app interface isn’t interesting. What people want is a quick explanation of what the app or the website does and why they should want it, but it needs context. It needs a story. And it needs to be brief, concise, informative, and interesting to watch. As web marketing professionals this was a natural extension of our services. With expertise in web marketing, video production, graphic design, and copy writing we simply repurposed our assets and skill sets and began creating these amazing videos. Explanation Web Videos are an essential marketing tool in today’s competitive online and mobile app marketplace. How It Works Media has created a unique set of marketing tools that can be used to explain, promote, market, any product or service, website, or mobile app.

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